Ball and Roller Bearings

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Thanks to its compact and comprehensible form, “Ball and Roller Bearings”, the handbook proven in practice on the calculation and design of rolling bearing arrangements, has been closing the gap between the extensive special technical literature, the empirical knowledge of designers and the product information of rolling bearing manufacturers for decades.

In parallel, it creates a connection to the courses offered by technical universities, colleges and technical colleges in the field of machine components.

Since the publication of the 1st Edition more than 65 years ago, this book has thus become a standard work worldwide for rolling bearing technology and, in many cases, an indispensable tool for designers, scientists, professors and students as well as in the areas of production, operation, maintenance and repair, purchasing and procurement.

With the current Edition, all interested readers will again have access to an up-to-date, completely revised and comprehensively expanded foundational work, textbook and reference work, which presents and describes the core subjects of rotational and now, additionally, translational rolling bearings in a proven and comprehensible form, thus enabling the increased performance and operational reliability of many bearing arrangements in vehicles, machines, devices and systems as well as cost reductions in the practical implementation of these topics.

ISBN 978-3-7830-0423-6

1194 pages
2,4 kg

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